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  • Andy Adams

Flags In 2020

Updated: May 22, 2020

The "Flags In" is a Memorial Day tradition at Arlington National Cemetery. For 56 years, the 3d US Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) has placed US flags at every headstone (precisely one boot length from the headstone) on Memorial Day. 245,000 flags are placed by over 1,000 soldiers usually within four hours. As you can see from 2019's photo, these flags are placed regardless of the weather. This year they will be placed regardless of a pandemic. This is as it should be. Let us never forget!

One final note: if you look close at the picture above you will see that the tombstone in the center reads "Marie E, His Wife, Jan 28 1923, Feb 5 2004." The one to the left reads "Margaret Mart, His Wife, Aug 20, 1906, Jan 15 1985." The names of their husbands are on the front. Surviving spouses (as long as they are not remarried) are eligible to be interred next to their fallen soldier. What a poignant reminder of what was lost and lives surrendered to for duty, honor, and country. At last they were reunited with their loved ones but only after decades of separation.

Arlington is a very special place.

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