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  • Faith Boren

Drive Safely - Back to School!

HISD starts back to school today, and many other schools are already in session. Whether you have school age kiddos or not, we are all bound to be impacted by the additional drivers on the road, the slower moving school buses and all the students making their way on and off those school buses.

Here are a few School Zone Safety tips to keep in mind for driving safely this week and beyond into this school year:

  • Stay alert and focused while driving.

  • Prepare before you drive to avoid distractions!

  • Slow down & obey speed limits & traffic laws, especially in the school zones.

  • Don’t block the crosswalks when you are at a stop sign or a red light.

  • Follow the directions of the crossing guards.

Happy back to school! May it be a safe year, full of fun & learning for you all!

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