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Our Story

What do we have that other brokers don’t?


Our sales team = our service team


We do not employ a platoon of individual solicitors with their own separate account teams like most large and regional insurance brokers.  By avoiding that “eat what you kill” environment, we avoid the inevitable “hand off” that occurs when the solicitor (i.e., the maker of promises) passes the account to a “service provider” (i.e., the promise keeper).  That hand-off means that the solicitor is never held accountable for the promises made.  Moreover, no one is there to hold the insurance carrier accountable for what was sold. 


At Adams Insurance, the chain of accountability is never broken.  The sales team is the service team.  That keeps us accountable for the promises made at renewal and beyond and helps us establish long-term relationships with our customers.


We keep our customers


15 and 20-year accounts are typical in our office. Indeed, we have accounts that pre-date the disco era and the leisure suit.  Can you dig it?  We are so proud and blessed to have this kind of customer loyalty.  Protecting their brand like it is our own is the key to that long-term relationship.   When we see a customer’s storefront, we think of it as our storefront.  If a contractor's jobsite sign is on display, that is our jobsite too.


That loyalty is not earned by one renewal meeting.  Our risk management practice extends throughout the year.  We work with our customers to prevent claims and manage the ones that do occur.  Insurance is the risk management solution of last resort.  We work with customers to develop an overall approach that will reduce risk first and then insure their essential needs.   


Coverage expertise


Nothing matters more in a broker.  Any broker can match a market with a customer and collect a commission.  The essential question is whether the coverage provided matches that customer’s needs.  That question has to be answered with every renewal.  Insurance coverage is not static.  It is constantly changing and evolving.  The last ten years has been a period of unprecedented erosion of coverage.  Many insureds have been blinded by falling premium rates and unknowingly accepted inadequate coverage.  Even brokers have been blind to these erosions.


Our team has an average of 25 years in the insurance business and 15 years with Adams Insurance.  With that experience and training comes coverage expertise. Protecting coverage is essential to protecting your brand.  Nobody does a better job than Adams Insurance.


Independent, family-owned, and staying that way


Maurice Griffin Adams started Adams Insurance Service in 1947 in a one-room office on North Shepherd.  Norman Adams joined the firm in 1964.  Norman’s son Andy came on board in 2002 making Adams Insurance a third-generation family-owned business.  Tracy Dacus (daughter to Norman and sister to Andy) joined the firm in 2012.  The name on the door is not just a “brand,” it is our name. With every proposal, renewal, claim, or quote, our name is at stake.  


Since 1947, we have never merged or sold out to any national broker. We are not for sale. You don’t have to go very far to reach the final authority on any problem in our office. Norman’s office is about 63 feet from the front door and within shouting range of the entire office.


Give us an opportunity to ride for your brand!

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