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  • Andy Adams

9/11 @ 19: Police & Firefighters Still Run Toward the Danger

On the anniversary of 9/11 it has become customary to honor our "first responders" as we now call them -- the police, firefighters, and paramedics first on the scene of any disaster or bad situation. A better word is simply "heroes." These are the men and women who answer the call to run TO THE DANGER rather than away from it. They answer the call the save lives, restore order, stop the burning. Here are some lesser seen images from a buzzfeed photo essay on these heroes from 9/11:

It is worth your time to view them if only to bear witness to these heroes. I cannot help but juxtapose these images with pictures from cities across our nation this Summer. I cannot help but contrast them with "protesters" chanting and spray painting slogans like "A.C.A.B." and "F--- the Police" with calls and votes from duly elected leaders to defund first responders. Take a look at some of these photos:

Slandered for the alleged actions of a few, they are judged to be instruments of "systemic racism" based on the fantasies of a few radicals too ignorant or lazy to be bothered by facts and evidence. Yet, by virtue of their calling, our first responders are STILL answering the call. They still respond to the call for help and the burning fire.

Let us pray this moment of madness passes and that it does not take another 9/11 for America to be once again unified in its support for our true heroes.

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