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  • Tracy Dacus

Top Ten Things To Do After a Flood!

#1 Protect what you can. Avoid any additional risks and be safe first, property next.

#2 Report damage to your agent and/or carrier. If you have flood coverage, report the claim. Get the ball rolling.

#3 TAKE PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE. Document, document, document. Your goal is to have evidence the items existed and they were damaged.

#4 You can start cleanup, but document the damages.

Make a list of items – year, make, type of item, color, etc. (details to match the picture you take).

If carpet is destroyed, first cut 18" X 18" square (clearly damaged) out of the carpet and save it. Discard the rest.

Separate the destroyed items from those that can be cleaned and saved.

#5 Once you get a claim number, the adjuster's name and contact info, coordinate through the adjuster. Be sure all correspondence and data has the claim number on it so if it is misplaced, it can be matched to your claim.

#6 Protect your health by using waders, gloves, etc.

#7 Get the water out and the area dried. Use fans, drying machines, etc.

#8 Mold can develop in 24-48 hours. Drying items and the structure is key to preventing it. Spraying or wiping affected areas with a bleach/water solution can also help prevent mold.

#9 Cut sheetrock off the floor at least 10-12 inches above the water line. Usually 12-18 inches above the floor.

#10 Secure your property. Protect it from vandals and thieves. Also, to keep others out of danger.


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