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  • Andy Adams

9/11 As it Happened

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

This is the live feed from ABC at the moment the second plane struck. This was the moment a horrible accident became a terror attack. The voice is Charlie Gibson's. It is amazing how he reports the event.

This is the ABC live feed at the moment of WTC 2's collapse. By this time, Peter Jennings (who will always be what I think of as an anchorman (sorry Ron Burgundy)) is covering the scene. Hear him struggle with what is being reported to him and what he is seeing. It was unimaginable. At the beginning of the video, you can hear a talking head discuss how New York was well prepared (of any city) to deal with the event. Those words will shortly be swallowed up by events. I can remember watching this image myself and simply not understanding what I was seeing. Horrifying to be sure.

Last night one of my kids noted that tomorrow was September 11th. I asked him what he knew about it. He knew that there were big explosions and people died. I struggled to tell him about it. He asked if those kind of bad people who carried out the attacks were still around. I told him they were. That did not sit well with him. I told him that was why we had soldiers to fight and protect us from evil men like that. I also told him that even if they made it past our soldiers, I would protect him just like those guys on that train in France last month (not sure how confident that made him feel). Finally, I told him that God was in control and regardless of what happens here on Earth, we will be with Him and Heaven.

I pray that my kids do not have experience another 9/11, but I do not feel very confident about that. I need to pray that when they do, they will be safe. Failing that, I pray they will have the courage to do what the heroes of 9/11 did that day.

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