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Chairman of the Board of Directors

After 58 years in the business, Norman Adams retired as President of Adams Insurance taking on a new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Adams Insurance Service, Inc.  Norman was the second generation to operate Adams Insurance after his father, M.G. Adams.  He is now helping to guide the third generation to continue the agency's 75 years of excellence.


“There is no such thing as a ‘controlled account,’ and there is no shortage of insurance agents!” If Norman had a mantra, this would probably be it. Norman built Adams Insurance from its humble beginnings as a “mom and pop” personal lines agency by always doing more than the client expects, and never taking his clients for granted. This attitude is the basis for the reputation of service Adams Insurance has built over its 75 years.

Norman’s energy, candor, fierce loyalty, and commitment characterize every aspect of his work and personal life, whether it is insurance, civic leadership, politics, his church, or just being a grandpa. 


Norman has been an active force in Texas tort reform and tax relief.  Since 2007, Norman has worked with politicians on both sides of the aisle  for a fix to our broken immigration system as a co-founder of Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy.   In addition, he was a founding director of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse which helped win the victory of tort reform efforts in Texas.  He has been a constant supporter of life and family causes for the last 30 years. In addition to his business and civic duties, Norman is the President of Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Norman has been married to the love of his life, Debbie Sue, for more than 50 years. Their courtship began in the seventh grade when both attended Our Savior Lutheran School. Norman and Debbie have two children, Tracy Lynn and Andrew Allan. They have four grandchildren, Isabella, Benjamin, Samuel, and Livia, by their favorite daughter-in-law Amy. Their favorite son-in-law is Mark Dacus.

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