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  • Andy Adams

Ralph Marek: A Life Well Lived

It is a testimony to Ralph Marek that so many people considered him a friend, mentor, and inspiration beyond just his family and the many thousands employed by the company that bears his name. Yet, Ralph would refuse the credit and point us toward God and His Holy Spirit instead. We would do well to follow his lead.

We are so very proud to count Ralph, his business, and his family as customers, but he was so much more than that. We will have more to say later. For now, let us join the chorus of celebration for this man's life and example. God bless you Ralph, please say hello to Martha for us. For a wonderful and more thorough testament to Ralph, please see his obituary linked here.

PHOTO: This photo hangs on Norman's office wall. Ralph and Norman shared a love for hunting that dates back to a fortuitous elk hunt in 1972. But this photo is from 1999 and it depicts a particularly memorable hunt as well. Ralph was hunting alone and bagged a beautiful white tail buck plus a bonus turkey (rifle shot to the head). He was 74 at the time. Norman was honored to be hunting with Ralph when he shot his last deer in December . . . 2018 (age 93).

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