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Cale Gottschalk Joins Adams Insurance!

We are pleased to announce that Cale Gottschalk has joined the Adams Insurance team as our Vice President of Commercial Underwriting.

We’ve known Cale for 10 years and we have been trying to hire him for at least nine of those 10 years. Cale was our Underwriting Manager at EMC before leaving to work at Amerisure as a Core Service Center Manager. Finally, the exciting life of an insurance agent became too much to resist! Cale was born in Wichita, Kansas and grew up in Benton, KS. Yes, he is a Chiefs fan, and he roots for K-State. But the sport he loves most is auto racing. Indeed, his first car was a race car, a 4-cylinder Ford Mustang, that Cale used to win the 81 Speedway Track Championship in Park City, KS in 2003. He prefers Days of Thunder to Talladega Nights because it takes the sport seriously. Now a family man, Cale only drives the speed limit and has retired from dirt track racing. Cale met his wife, Lisa, in high school and they have three beautiful children.

Cale and his Mustang in 2003

We've known Cale would be a great fit for Adams Insurance for a long time. We have worked to assemble a team of quality people who bring hard work, expertise, and a servant’s heart to our customers. That is the most important way we can distinguish ourselves from other insurance agents.

We know that Cale (FYI, “Gottschalk means “Servant of God” in German) is going to be a critical part of that team for years to come. Cale will be working with John Prince and our entire commercial lines team. We look forward to introducing him to you in person!

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