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  • Andy Adams

Abbott's Plan to Reopen Texas

Governor Abbott announced more details on his plan to reopen Texas. You can find the full report here to see how your business is impacted by the announcement. Here are our main takeaways:

The stay-at-home order expiring April 30th will not be extended. Thus, the essential vs. non-essential split between businesses will be irrelevant after April 30th.

Replacing the stay-at-home order is a list of minimum standard health protocols for all individuals and employers as well as some special requirements for retailers, restaurants, movie theaters, and others.

These minimum standard health protocols apply to everyone:

  • 6 foot Social Distancing for other individuals not within the same household

  • Self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms (you know the list by now)

  • Wash or disinfect hands after any interaction with a business

  • Consider wearing a cloth face covering when entering a business or within 6 feet of another person not a member of your household

Employers should follow the following protocols as well:

  • Train all employees on appropriate cleaning and disinfection

  • Screen employees for COID-19 symptoms before coming into work

  • Send home any employees with symptoms

  • Not allow those employees to return without following listed protocols (see the guide for specifics)

  • Have employees sanitize their hands upon entry

  • Maintain social distancing in the workplace and other measures including face coverings should be used if that is not possible

  • If you are providing a meal, it is recommended that the meal be individually packed for each employee

These protocols will continue for the first phase of the opening which will last at least until May 18th when they will consider whether to move to Phase 2, but they will likely continue even as we begin the next phase.

Finally the plan emphasizes that the population age 65 and over is most at risk from a corona-virus infection. It encourages these individuals and those responsible for their care to take precautions against exposure.

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