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  • Andy Adams

9/11 After 20 Years

It isn't hard to recall the feelings and emotions of 9/11 even 20 years on. Over the years we have shared quite a few tributes and videos remembering the events of 9/11, the men and women who lost their lives, and the heroes in and out of uniform who gave their lives in defense of others.

Here is a summary of those remembrances:

Norman sponsored this video a few years after 9/11. It is powerful.

The live news feeds from that day are simply incredible. 9/11 must be the first event of its kind to be experienced as it happened by so many around the world. You can hear the shock in their voices as they struggle to understand what they have just seen.

Over the last 20 years, the name that has most impressed me is that of Rick Rescorla. Rick was head of security for Morgan Stanley in the South Tower. His actions on 9/11 saved the lives of 2,678 Morgan Stanley employees. When the Port Authority told everyone to stay in Tower 2 after Tower 1 had been struck by the first plane, Rick knew that was the wrong thing to do. He immediately ordered the evacuation of every employee. Read this account and make sure your children know his name.

Here is the last picture taken of Rick with his bull horn on 9/11/01. His body was never found.

God bless our 9/11 heroes and the nearly 3000 lives cut down by evil men.

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