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  • Andy Adams

Insurance agents replaced by robots? Nah, couldn't be . . . right?

Ruh-roh. According to this official NPR calculator, insurance sales agents have a 91.9% chance of being automated by robots in the future.

According to the details of the survey insurance agents score low (meaning automation is more likely) on "Do you need to come up with clever solutions?" and "Are you required to personally help others?" Ouch! Really? On the plus side, we score higher (meaning automation is less likely) on "Does your job require you to squeeze into small spaces?" and "Does your job require negotiation?" Have they not seen office cubicles? You can take the survey and determine how likely you are to be replaced by robots here.

This is great fodder for jokes, but in many ways automation has come already. Do you really think GEICO has real live people who take 15 minutes to get you a quote on insurance? Automation works GREAT as long as you never have any claims or problems with your insurance carrier. If you can avoid those two things, you should be fine.

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