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  • Andy Adams

Builders Risk Tips for Subs - ASA Subscript

Check out our PRO TIPS for Subcontractors on Builder's Risk in the ASA Subscript:

What is the biggest news story of this past Summer?

A. Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner;

B. Donald Trump For President;

C. The “Bennifer” Divorce;

D. The Iran Deal; or

E. Subcontractor signs contract against its interests

OK, next question. Which of the above is more likely to have a detrimental effect on your business? I realize that a few of these could hurt your business in the long run. For example, worker productivity may decline as result of the emotional carnage wrought by the break up of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

However, the agreements that you sign as a subcontractor will have a far more direct effect on your company in the next several years. That will come as no surprise to you astute business owners out there (even if you are addicted to Page Six), but let’s talk about something that may not receive quite as much attention in that subcontract agreement with the GC: the builder’s risk insurance provisions.

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