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  • Andy Adams

Faith is working at the Work-Faith Connection

This morning we attended the Work-Faith Connection's annual breakfast. 500 people squeezed into the River Oaks Country to hear no less than 3 ex-invitees of the Texas Department of Corrections tell their stories and how the power of the Holy Spirit and a few people who believe in second chances changed their lives. The Work-Faith Connection is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people bridge the gap from troubled pasts to brighter futures through a second chance at work.

They take in former convicts, addicts, and the homeless who want to change their lives. They teach them how to talk about their past with prospective employers and highlight their skills. They teach them how to find a job. They also provide ongoing career counseling and help plug their graduates into a network of employers willing to give these employees another chance.

None of the graduates we heard today claim credit for their turnaround for themselves. It was God at work in their lives. It was an inspiring example! Go here to find out more about the Work-Faith Connection and support their efforts!

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