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Property Manager

Have you ever wondered about that old time cowboy music we play when you’re on hold for someone?  That special collection of cowboy tunes was selected by our resident ‘singin’ cowboy,’ ‘Wiley’ Pat Gavin.   You can catch Pat and the Buckaroo Band playing genuine cowboy songs at Hickory Hollow or other venues in town.  


Pat lives by the Cowboy Code, and he’s been riding for the Adams brand since 1984 as Property Manager.  When cowboys moved a herd of cattle, they were ‘riding for the brand.’  The great cowboy entertainer Red Steagall sings, ‘A man’s brand is his own special mark that says this is mine, leave it alone.  You hire out to a man, ride for his brand and protect it like it was your own.’  


Pat received his 25 year buckle in 2009.  He works behind the scenes to keep our office and the Heights Medical Tower running.  After Hurricane Ike, Pat was our hero, carrying buckets of water up five flights of stairs so we could flush toilets!  


Pat married his wife Pam in 1973, and their daughter Megan lives in Colorado.  A veteran marathon runner (48 so far), Pat and Megan ran the Grand Canyon rim to rim in 2008.  Other than when he is running, you’ll never catch Pat without his boots on! 

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