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Executive Vice President & Underwriting Manager

John Prince is Executive Vice President and Underwriting Manager for Adams Insurance. He holds CIC, CRM, and ARM designations and is a licensed Risk Manager.

John has been an instrumental part of the Adams Insurance team since 1983 when he joined Adams from Utica National.


John was born and raised in Wilmer, Texas (pop. 3,393) and received his B.B.A. with high honors from the College of Insurance in New York City (pop. 8,000,000). John has been called the “Yoda” of insurance under oath in Federal District Court. Our clients rely on his expertise and strong relationships with insurance carrier underwriters. John has been in their shoes and knows how they think. He routinely reminds us that it is not pretty. John has a remarkable ability to analyze agreements and manuscript coverage for our insureds. As our clients often declare, he is a "Prince" among men. John received his 25 year buckle in 2008.


John moved from Wilmer to New York City in 1976 to attend school at the College of Insurance (now part of St. John's). John is fond of telling the story of his first day in Manhattan. If he had had the money for a plane ticket, he would have gone back to Wilmer. He stuck around, and Adams Insurance and our clients are better off for it.


John was married to his wife, Jan, for 32 years before her death in 2009. John and Jan have two children, Josh and Candice. John got remarried in 2015 to Carol and currently has five grandchildren - 4 boys and finally one baby girl! 

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