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Vice President | Sales

& Senior Account Executive

Alan is Vice President of Sales for Adams Insurance.  He is a graduate of Colorado State University and holds the Associate in Risk Management designation. Alan started in the insurance industry in 1988 with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and was a consistent sales leader during his ten years with the company.  In 1999, he started Knox Insurance of Texas, focusing on large construction and energy accounts.  Alan left Knox in 2003 to join the Adams Insurance team.

If Alan had a theme song, it would be the theme from Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’  He thinks the ‘80s were a dark period in music, and would like all Duran Duran songs permanently deleted from the world’s playlist. 


Alan starts most days at the gym and ends them with a cold refreshing adult beverage with his wife Kim.  He and Kim have two daughters and a son, and they love spending time with their seven grandsons and one granddaughter every chance they get.

When he's not riding for the Adams brand, Alan enjoys anything health and fitness related as well as using his Ag Econ degree to increase crop yield at his community vegetable garden . . . seriously.


Alan’s experience and dedication to customer service make him an integral part of the Adams team.  

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