Riding for your brand . . .



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What do we mean by “Riding for your brand?"


Insurance seems as different from running cattle as anything could possibly be.  But the responsibility is the same.


No one buys insurance for things that aren’t important to them.  We may be called to protect someone’s business, their livelihood, their family's health, maybe even their home.  To us, all of these things are the customer's "brand."

Cowboy poet Red Steagall said it best:

Son, a man’s brand

Is his own special mark

That says this is mine, leave it alone.

You hire out to a man,

Ride for his brand

And protect it like it was your own.”

That is exactly what we aim to do . . . 


Here's where we talk about stuff that you may need to know.  It ain't gossip, rumor, or "fake news."  But, sometimes, it's just for fun.




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