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CDC Endorses HITLER('s mustache)!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Did my click bait work? Trying to get the hang of the mainstream media's ways to drive traffic to THE ROUND UP. This is totally NOT made up. Proving that there are no boundaries for overreach, the CDC has recommended various styles of men's facial hair to be compliant with the wearing of a tight fitting respirator. Here is the CDC's helpful chart (HT: AGC).

Take a closer look at a few of the endorsed staches:

Notice anything odd? When was last time you saw a man walking down the street styling the "toothbrush?" Was it 1939? Sometime that year, the "toothbrush" as the CDC refers to it, jumped the shark as acceptable facial hair. Note that they also endorse a style they call the "villain" as acceptable as well. Do you see a pattern here? Is the CDC trying to normalize villainous facial hair at the expense of manly beards? Is this just simple advice about the proper use of respirators or is something more sinister afoot?

Villainous facial hair has been a comic and tv trope for many decades, even before Star Trek's Mirror Mirror episode introduced us to Evil Mr. Spock.

But this does not really prove anything because Evil Spock's goatee would not pass muster with the CDC. But, these notorious villains with facial hair would get a pass! COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

Of course, we realize that the CDC is simply trying to pass on good advice. But, if you are a man that faces the choice between shaving off a long time friend or continuing to work safely and draw a paycheck, it is not a hard decision. Here are two very good options:

The Allegro 9910-D Tyvek Airline Hood Assembly available here for only $58.58 or you could go with this set up:

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