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  • Andy Adams

Telemedicine Has Now Gone Viral

Most health plans offer some sort of telemedicine option. It varies by insurance carrier, but all of the major insurance carriers now offer it and most plans have chosen to provide it. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers MDLive. Aetna offers Teledoc. United Healthcare has Virtual Visits. Still other plans use Healthiest You.

With coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine has gone viral (sorry for pun). If your plan offers it, now would be a good time to remind your plan members of that benefit. Odds are that many of them already know about it and use it, but a large percentage have not used it and would appreciate the reminder.

Typically, you need to enroll in the app or website before your first use. So, a head's up will go a long way with your employees stuck at home.

There are special COVID-19 screenings that can be performed via telemedicine, but most likely your employees are going to want to use it so they can stay out of the doctor's office and/or urgent care clinic entirely.

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