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  • Andy Adams

Harvey Recovery: Don't Forget your Company's PPE

An Excerpt:

The citizen response to Hurricane Harvey was awe-inspiring to the entire nation. Those of us who make our living in the Houston area and the State of Texas are right to feel a sense of pride at the way our community has come together to respond to this challenge. We seem to have made it past the initial crisis stage but a much longer and perhaps more difficult trial remains: RECOVERY.

Texas construction contractors will be critical from here on out, and the construction community is chomping at the bit to get going. Workforce and escalating material costs will be a problem, but every contractor we know wants to get involved and help by any means necessary! They are inspired by the examples of those first-responders (and may have actually been among them)! As well they should be!

Get going, but please don’t forget your company’s “PPE!” We wouldn’t let our workers work on any job without proper PPE, whether it be gloves, hard hats, or breathing masks. So too, we cannot be so eager to respond that we forget the essential PPE that protects our companies: appropriate subcontractor agreements and insurance. Here are some things to consider BEFORE you set to work.

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