Milagros Faris

Employee Benefits Specialist

Mili was born and raised in Lima-Peru.  She originally came to Houston in 2001 to study English as a second language however, she fell in love with this city and never moved back.  After completing the program, Mili continued her education in HCCS and earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts.

Mili is the lucky mother of two beautiful girls. "My girls, my family and my work are my whole world!" Mili likes to say.  "I love spending time with my family and to create beautiful memories with them." 


Outside of her family, traveling is Mili's number one passion. She loves visiting and getting to know different places and different cultures.  She enjoys good food and that is one thing that she loves about Houston: Its amazing restaurants!

Mili enjoys running, playing volleyball and gathering with friends.  She loves going to movies, concerts and plays. 


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