Vice President - Surety/Fidelity Bonds

Larry holds a CIC designation and is Vice President and Bond Manager for Adams Insurance.  He obtained his BBA in Finance from Texas Tech University.  This Red Raider has been ‘riding for the brand’ with Adams since 1987, and he received his 25 year buckle in 2012.  Larry was previously bond underwriter for Reliance Insurance Company.  He works closely with our clients to obtain and keep bonding with the top bond markets. 


Larry holds the title for most knowledgeable sports fan in the office.  If there was a soundtrack of his life, it would be ‘Centerfield’ by John Fogerty. He is a third generation Houstonian, but spent his high school years in Costa Mesa, CA.  He came back to Texas as quick as he could.  A trip to New Zealand is on his bucket list – his father was stationed there in World War II and he has always wanted to see it for himself. 


Larry and his wife Sue have three children and SIX grandchildren, all BORN IN TEXAS!  

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The Grandkids!