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Commercial Account Associate

Kimberly was born and raised in Duncan, Oklahoma. She moved to Houston when she was 15 years old. Her family eventually moved back to Oklahoma, but Kimberly stayed in Houston to start her insurance carrier and has really enjoyed it. It is something that will follow her until her retirement years.


Kimberly joined Adams Insurance April 2022, has really enjoyed her time here, and hopes this remains her forever “home”. She feels extremely blessed to have been able to have the opportunity to come on board here and this is an agency she can truly say that works together to make sure its clients are always cared for and in a timely fashion. She enjoys what she does here and the people she works with. 


Kimberly has 3 beautiful children, Chase, Cael, and Caydence. Chase currently attends Pilot school. Hopefully he will be flying high in the sky in the next year or two. Cael is in 8th grade and enjoyed playing football while in middle school. He hopes to become a YouTube gamer in high school. Her daughter, Caydence, will soon start 5th grade and has been enjoying playing softball and cheering. She hopes to play softball in college. Her children are Kimberly’s pride and joy!


Kimberly’s best friend, Jeff, and her have been dating for 6 years. They enjoy dancing, the beach, golf, sporting events, taking trips, camping, boating, and anything that allows time together with the kids, extended family, and friends.

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