Flying "A" Service Coming to Your Account in 2018

Starting with your renewal in 2018, Adams Insurance customers will receive access to "Flying A Service," our very own online 24/7 access to policy details, auto ID cards, and (for Commercial accounts) certificates! Flying "A" Service will be available through any web browser AND mobile app for any iOS or Android device. To get more information about when your account will be activated, contact your customer service representative! Find the link to Flying A Service here.

Cyber Pirates Coming Soon To Your Computer!

We seem to be taking the crime dictionary and just adding "cyber" to all the range of criminal activities available to bad guys around the world. The latest is called "cyberextortion." What is cyberextortion? Instead of kidnapping your son or daughter, the bad guys kidnap your data or computer system. Imagine that you walk into work one day and try to boot up the key piece of software that makes your business run smoothly or accounts for all your sales. Instead of your login page or even the dreaded blue screen of death, you are greeted by a screen that tells you your data is being held hostage and will be released in exchange for dollars. Sounds like a movie, right? Unfortunately, it

Top Ten Things To Do After a Flood!

#1 Protect what you can. Avoid any additional risks and be safe first, property next. #2 Report damage to your agent and/or carrier. If you have flood coverage, report the claim. Get the ball rolling. #3 TAKE PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE. Document, document, document. Your goal is to have evidence the items existed and they were damaged. #4 You can start cleanup, but document the damages. Make a list of items – year, make, type of item, color, etc. (details to match the picture you take). If carpet is destroyed, first cut 18" X 18" square (clearly damaged) out of the carpet and save it. Discard the rest. Separate the destroyed items from those that can be cleaned and saved. #5 Once you get a

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