ACA Non-discrimination rules will effectively mandate coverage for "gender transition" ser

The Section 1557 Non-discrimination regulations for the ACA were released in May, and the carriers are releasing their notices and interpretations of the regulations. I guess this is one of those "hidden easter eggs" in Obamacare that no one discussed, voted on, or even thought about WAY WAY back in 2010 when the law passed. You remember 2010, right? That was two years after 2008 when every candidate for President articulated their view of marriage as being between a man and woman. It is probably not surprising that the definition of marriage has changed in the eight years since then. But, did anyone expect that the definitions of what is a man or woman become so . . . subjective. But,

First ACA Health Insurance Marketplace Letters Received...

We are hearing reports that the first letters from the Department of Health and Human Services regarding employees who have obtained premium subsidies through the Health Insurance marketplace have been received. This is important because this is going to be your first indication that you may or may not owe a penalty because of the purchase of health insurance with a subsidy by an employee. You will receive this notice if you are an applicable large employer (with greater than 50 employees) and you (1) do not offer health insurance; (2) do not offer affordable health insurance or health insurance that fails the minimal value test. We have attached a redacted letter received by a customer th

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