Boat Safety: The Quiet Danger of Carbon Monoxide

Teenager Sarah Pool was attending a church and wakeboarding camp on Lake Travis last month when she drowned. Authorities recovered her body a few days later, and the medical examiner reported carbon monoxide was found in her system. 15-year-old Sarah, not wearing a life jacket, was holding on the platform on the back of the boat with two other girls when she went under. This sad story is a wake-up call to boat enthusiasts, must of us never think about carbon monoxide poisoning happening outside of an enclosed garage. But when you are out on the lake setting up for the next skiier, or stopping for a swim, the slow idling of the boat can create CO build up. Find out how to avoid CO poisonin

ACE acquires Chubb

This is pretty big news in the insurance world: “We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Chubb, a venerable company with a great brand,” said Evan G. Greenberg, chairman and CEO of ACE Limited. “This transaction advances our strategy in a meaningful way and represents an outstanding opportunity to create significant value over a reasonable period of time for both ACE and Chubb shareholders. We are combining two great underwriting companies that are highly complementary. We will make each other better and create a unique company in a class of its own that has greater growth and earning power than the sum of the two companies separately.” Greenberg said on a conference call today that A

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