6-3 SCOTUS Hearts Obamacare

6-3 is not even close when it comes to the SCOTUS. Both Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy held that despite the language of the statute, subsidies are available through the federal exchange. I am sure there will be plenty of analysis to go around. The bottom line is that by this decision nothing has changed. "You can go about your business. Move along . . . move along." UPDATE: Scalia offers a classic in his dissent. "We should now refer to the law as SCOTUScare." That is not an exaggeration. This is clearly the SCOTUS preferred approach to health care reform. Not exactly, the "umpire calling balls and strikes" that Chief Justice Roberts envisioned at his confirmation hearing, is

SCOTUS on Jonathan Gruber: WHODAT?

Remember Jonathan Gruber? Yeah, neither does the SCOTUS. Jonathan Gruber was the Obamacare architect that made it clear to everyone that would listen at the time of the law's passage and thereafter (at least until it became politically inconvenient) that the absence of subsidies through the federal exchange WAS A FEATURE not a bug of the law. See our coverage of Mr. Gruber's antics here. Apparently, Justice Roberts failed to read our blog post and pretty much every other media story about Mr. Gruber. Why weren't Mr. Gruber's admissions a legitimate fact for consideration by the Court? Did the plaintiff's never put them into evidence? Justice Roberts appears to have concluded that Congr

King v. Burwell - A Tip of SCOTUS's Hand?

Doug Schoen at thinks he has found a bit of insight in how SCOTUS will decide King v. Burwell. While we are all speculating, it is worth a read. His key points come from a decision released last week in which the justices sounded off on whether the objeective of a statute may supercede its text. Based on his read of the earlier decision, he thinks 5 justices are prepared to say "no." That would be bad news for Obamacare. UDPATE: guess again Doug Schoen, never underestimate the SCOTUS capacity for inconsistency. #KingvBurwell #ACA #Exchanges #Healthcarereform

Chart - Deadliest Animals

Which of these is most likely to result in your death? Venomous snakes and such? Sharks? Cows? The Washington Post has the answer. #summer #deadlyanimals

Insurance agents replaced by robots? Nah, couldn't be . . . right?

Ruh-roh. According to this official NPR calculator, insurance sales agents have a 91.9% chance of being automated by robots in the future. According to the details of the survey insurance agents score low (meaning automation is more likely) on "Do you need to come up with clever solutions?" and "Are you required to personally help others?" Ouch! Really? On the plus side, we score higher (meaning automation is less likely) on "Does your job require you to squeeze into small spaces?" and "Does your job require negotiation?" Have they not seen office cubicles? You can take the survey and determine how likely you are to be replaced by robots here. This is great fodder for jokes, but in man

King v. Burwell: Place Your Bets!

This month either Obamacare will be sustained once again by the Supreme Court of the United States or it will see a major setback. Which one will it be? Who knows? We know the following and not much more: 1. 4 justices will uphold the law as written which will mean big trouble for the subsidies provided to individuals through the federal exchange and 2. Justice Roberts will be in the majority. That's it. #obamacare #healthcarereform #exchanges

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