God Bless Norman E. Adams! - The 50/50 Club

1964 was a busy year. The Beatles took the stage on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Civil Rights Act was passed. The US bombed North Vietnam. There were race riots in Harlem. Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins premiered to wide acclaim. There were a few other notable events in 1964 as well. Norman Earl Adams married his junior-high sweetheart Debra (Debbie) Sue Sherrill. This was also the same year he decided to get into the insurance business. Neither one of those occasions made the national news, but they forever changed the lives of quite a few folks. For starters, my very existence was dependent upon the first event. So I am much obliged for the occasion. But, that is just my bias. Getting

NASA wants to build a "City in the Clouds" on Venus

NASA wants to build a "Cloud City" The High Altitude Venus Operational Concept -- HAVOC -- is a conceptual spacecraft designed by a team at the Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center for the purposes of Venusian exploration. This lighter-than-air rocket would be designed to sit above the acidic clouds for a period of around 30 days, allowing a team of astronauts to collect data about the planet's atmosphere. While the surface of Venus would destroy a human, hovering above its clouds at an altitude of around 50 kilometres (30 miles) is a set of conditions similar to Earth. Its atmospheric pressure is comparable, and gravity is only slightly lower -- which wo

North Korea Attacks Major US Company: Our Response? Crickets.

It is a no-win situation when you have to ask, "Where's the outrage?" The North Korean hack into Sony and Sony's rapid capitulation is something new and different for the age of the internet. To be sure, the attackers are benefitting from the low esteem held for their victims. Indeed, most of us chuckled as we heard about the release of embarassing private email exchanges between Sony execs that highlighted actual hypocrisy that was already perceived by millions. Gossip about Angelina Jolie was the focus of newsstories rather than the hundreds, if not thousands, of employees with stolen personal data. The coup de grace was Sony pulling the release of the comedy "The Interview" because of

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