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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “riding for the brand” mean?

Red Steagall’s 1987 poem “Ride for the Brand” provides the best window into its meaning.  Steagall’s poem tells the story of an old hand “schoolin” a new hire on what it means to hire onto a ranch:

He said, “Son, a man’d brand

Is his own special mark

That says this is mine, leave it alone.

You hire out to a man,

Ride for his brand

And protect it like it was your own.”


He said, “Mr. Waggoner

Come out here in 1903.

This country was sagebrush, mesquite trees, and sand.

He carved him this ranch

Outa blood, sweat, and guts,

So be proud that you ride for his brand.”

The phrase has a double meaning for us.  It means service and loyalty in our work.  But, it also means service and loyalty to our customers.  We ride for their brands.  Take away the ranch and cattle, our customers have worked just as hard to build their businesses and their lives.  We are proud to help protect that brand with the insurance and risk management services we provide.

Read the entire cowboy poem here.

What's with the hold music?

This is a special collection of cowboy and western classics personally selected by our own singin’ cowboy Wiley Pat Gavin of the Heights' famous Buckaroo Band. The only problem is that you are not on hold long enough to appreciate this classic selection. Here is the playlist:

•    Going Back to Texas – Don Edwards

•    This Old House – R.W. Hampton

•    Big Iron – Marty Robbins

•    OBS – Buckaroo Band

•    Rancher is the Man – Don Edwards

•    Long the Navajo Trail – Riders in the Sky

•    Silver-haired Daddy – Gene Autry

•    Alamo – Marty Robbins

•    Lonesome Dove – Don Edwards

•    When Grass Turns to Green . . . – Wiley Pat Gavin

•    Have I Told You Lately . . . – Gene Autry

•    El Paso – Marty Robbins

•    I Ride Old Paint – Don Edwards and Peter Rowen

Why is there a gigantic elk in your office?

This elk was shot by Norman E. Adams in 1972. Norman was asked to fill a vacant hunting spot on an Elk trip led by Ralph S. Marek, Sr. Two years later Norman became Marek Brothers’ agent of record. The elk reminds us every day to never take a customer for granted and always provide better service than they expect!

Why so many bronzes?

The bronze sculptures are the work of the legendary American artist Frederic Remington. Remington’s art, particularly his sculptures, exemplify the spirit of the American West. Each one tells a story about freedom, hard work, sacrifice, loyalty, and courage. We want to emulate these qualities in what we do for our customers.

Curiously, the majority of these bronzes were purchased from an art dealer in the World Trade Center before its destruction by terrorists in 2001.

What is Norman's deal?

What can we say? They broke the mold with Norman. He never stops. The good news is that is pretty helpful when it comes to representing your insurance needs. The bad news is... well... that only applies to us!

How can I get on Norman's email list?

That’s easy!  Send an email here.

How can I get off Norman's email list?

Yeah, it’s not for everybody. But, the good news is that it is just as easy to get off! Just send an email here. You may also unsubscribe from the bottom of the e-mail's "Unsubscribe" link.

How do I get an Adams Insurance trophy belt buckle?

Whoa cowboy! We don’t go around handing those things out to everybody! You have to “ride for the brand” (i.e., be an employee in good standing with Adams Insurance Service) for 25 years.

Why does Norman support tort reform?

Tort reform has been a tremendous boon to the Texas economy! Businesses all over Texas are better off because of Texas tort reform. Insurance premiums are lower because of the success of Texas tort reform. As a result, insurance broker revenues are down because of the success of Texas tort reform. So, why does Norman support tort reform?

Simple. It’s good for Texas. Plus, it is a pretty short-sighted view to favor a system that rewards lawyers and insurance agents over businesses. Everybody prospers when Texas business prospers!

Why does Norman support sensible immigration reform?

Norman has seen first hand how our current immigration system penalizes law-abiding employers and rewards employers willing to pay cash to "independent contractors" without withholding any taxes or providing workers compensation insurance.  Norman supports a reform that would secure the border by identifying and properly taxing the workers already here and working and provide Texas employers with the ability to meet future labor force demands.


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