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General Liability

Your business has good days and bad days.  You buy insurance to keep the bad days from becoming catastrophic.  It is one thing to have a bad sales month.  It is quite another to have someone injured or even killed as the result of your operations.  

That is where general liability comes in.  Your general liability policy covers bodily injury and property damage to third parties and the costs associated with defending those claims.  Indeed, most businesses have a general liability policy.  If all it did was give coverage, the policy would be six pages long.

Unfortunately, the first six pages of the policy lists the coverages the insurance carrier gives you.  The next twenty list what coverages they are going to take away.

So, what does your general liability cover?  No insurance policy covers every risk.  Every business faces a unique set of risks. You need to be sure your general liability  policy suits your needs.  That is where your insurance agent comes in.

If men were angels, we would not need laws.  So too, if insurance carriers were angels, we would not need agents.  A good agent holds the insurance carrier accountable for the promises they make and tries to maximize coverage at the best price for the customer.  

At Adams Insurance, we strive to match coverage to the customer.  We know that there is no shortage of insurance agents.  We take no customer for granted.  We try to earn to right to renew every day.


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